The Cancellation of the BR / VTi 2022 Event

The BR / VTi Event has for some years provided the sole opportunity for the Business Radio and Vehicle Installer Community in the UK to meet with colleagues from all sides of the industry and discuss the matters of the day. During the 2022 Event planning, the FCS has concluded that, based on commitments to-date, it is not possible to ensure a value event for either the delegates or exhibitors.

Consequently, it is with great regret that I must inform you that we have made the decision to cancel the BR / VTi 2022 event.

Our decision was based on the following facts:

  1. The venue costs have approximately doubled (this is believed to be a follow on from the COVID pandemic which has reduced the number of suitable venues)
  2. The income from sponsorship being significantly reduced as a result of several companies who have previously supported the event being unable to do so in 2022
  3. Interest in and take up of the Gala dinner is not at previous levels.

The combination of the above would mean that running the event would lead to not delivering a value event for attendees.

Moving forward, the FCS has considered what should happen in 2023. We have received excellent feedback that the format for the event that has served us well for some years is now in need of a refresh, and we agree. Whilst the FCS does expect some readjustment of show costs by October 2023, there is no expectation that the costs will return to pre-COVID levels.

The FCS is very keen to have your comments on what you would like to see the future event to be. We will be contacting you to discuss this.

In the meantime, it remains for the FCS to apologise for any inconvenience this cancellation has caused.

Itret Latif
Federation of Communication Services

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