The Revision of UK CODE OF PRACTICE for the installation of mobile radio and related ancillary equipment in land based vehicles FCS1362: 2016

For the attention of Vehicle Installer and Conversion Companies,

The current version of FCS 1362 has been in effect since 2016 and remains the basis for excellence in after-market installation theory and practice.

In the time since its publication, much has changed and it is now felt to be appropriate to Revise the Code of Practice to accommodate the latest information.

At a minimum, the following topics will be addressed in the revision:

  1. The legal position (following BREXIT and other changes)
  2. Joints and connectors
  3. New Technology in vehicles
  4. Electric and Hybrid cars (from the Tech installer’s perspectives)
  5. A general revision of the text
  6. Other matters as deemed necessary

To address this, the FCS Installers’ Committee is forming a Working Group to develop the 2022 version of the Code of Practice.  The target is to have the new revision available in the 3rd quarter of this year.

The initial meeting of this working group is to be held on Friday 4th February at 14:00

People wishing to participate in the WG should contact Leona at: [email protected]


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