FITAS Members

Fitas Members

InstallerCompany NameFITAS NoAccreditedAssociateWorking towards Accreditation
Adam SmithSafe and Sound Essex LtdFIT1477Yes
Adam SwannavoiraFIT1493Yes
Adam SzatkowskiMaple Fleet Services LtdFIT1516Yes
Adam WattsSafe and Sound Essex LtdFIT2041Yes
Adrian OsbourneEast Midlands Ambulance ServiceFIT1554Yes
Albert EarleDMRC Safety Solutions LtdFIT1497Yes
Alex PetersPremier Communication Electronics LtdFIT1547Yes
Alex YoungTraffilog UKFIT1407Yes
Ali Ghulam MohamedAtlas TelecomFIT1563Yes
Alkesh OdedraFCO ServicesFIT1235Yes
Andrew GregoryDiareyes LtdFIT2035Yes
Andrew GuntherPCC for North WalesFIT1103Yes
Andrew HillUK Telematics LimitedFIT1301Yes
Andrew MartinTerrafix LtdFIT2032Yes
Andrew PittsSafe and Sound Essex LtdFIT1482Yes
Andrew ShackelMaple Fleet Services LtdFIT1549Yes
Andrew StephensonDiareyes LtdFIT1270Yes
Andrew VernonAuto InstallationsFIT1490Yes
Andy ParsonsHyde Park CornerFIT1278Yes
Antony HarrisACHarris Ltd.FIT1371Yes
Arron CalverVehicle Mobile SolutionsFIT1514Yes
Austen ShepherdTelent Technology Services LtdFIT1375Yes
Barrie RaineTerrafix LtdFIT1077Yes
Barry EganUK Telematics LimitedFIT1306Yes
Barry HartTSN Automotive Ltd.FIT1252Yes
Ben BudgenIn Touch LtdFIT1596Yes
Ben JamesAuto InstallationsFIT1491Yes
Brian Fajan Brian FajanFIT1466Yes
Brian MarshallDiareyes LtdFIT1153Yes
Brian McCallionJourneoFIT1410Yes
Brian MerrettAuto Electrics - Brian MerrettFIT1456Yes
Carl SpendlovePCC for North WalesFIT1101Yes
Charles BurdenTelent Technology Services LtdFIT1337Yes
Charles WaltonCW InstallationsFIT1573Yes
Chris DaviesTerrafix LtdFIT1380Yes
Chris JonesUnknownFIT1555Yes
Christopher LeeJourneoFIT1583Yes
Christopher Roy TiplerAWE plcFIT1190Yes
Christopher Yorke Yorke Installations LimitedFIT1457Yes
Clifton BrownTelent Technology Services LtdFIT1331Yes
Colin AndersonDiareyes LtdFIT1366Yes
Colin CokeTracking DoctorFIT1245Yes
Colin Porter Diareyes LtdFIT1460Yes
Corey ScottRadiocoms Systems LtdFIT1069Yes
Craig Stewart[email protected]FIT1240Yes
Daniel BallEast Midlands Ambulance ServiceFIT1542Yes
Daniel BennettMetocean TelematicsFIT2043Yes
Daniel CollarTSN Automotive Ltd.FIT1249Yes
Daniel CrossFCO ServicesFIT1325Yes
Daniel GriceFCO ServicesFIT1342Yes
Daniel HaleHandsfree GroupFIT1648Yes
Danny FosterDanny FosterFIT1565Yes
Darrell RodgersJourneoFIT1586Yes
Darren CampbellMaple Fleet Services LtdFIT2025Yes
Darren LuceyAvian Mobile LtdFIT0050Yes
Darren MairsMairs Auto InstallationsFIT1266Yes
Darren McWilliamAWE plcFIT1610Yes
Dave Pearce2CL Communications LtdFIT2039Yes
David BeckingsaleTerrafix LtdFIT1089Yes
David GreenTerrafix LtdFIT1079Yes
David HallFCO ServicesFIT1324Yes
David PointonTelent Technology Services LtdFIT1168Yes
David SutchCTRACK LtdFIT1642Yes
Dean HuftonAuto InstallationsFIT1492Yes
Dean MansfieldTerrafix LtdFIT1083Yes
Dean Robert BattenAvon & Somerset ConstabularyFIT1182Yes
Derek ClarkeMetocean TelematicsFIT2044Yes
Desmond QuashieJourneoFIT1581Yes
Dez BardsleyHyde Park CornerFIT1042Yes
Douglas BartonDiareyes LtdFIT1368Yes
Douglas Campbell VTSUKFIT1463Yes
Duncan HawkinsTelent Technology Services LtdFIT1319Yes
Duncan LockwoodDiareyes LtdFIT1279Yes
Duncan WassHalls ElectricalFIT1155Yes
Edmond BrateanuMaple Fleet Services LtdFIT1518Yes
Edward WrayVistan TechnologyFIT1362Yes
Eifion HughesPCC for North WalesFIT1105Yes
Faisal AlblooshiAtlas TelecomFIT1559Yes
Gareth BrownJourneoFIT1528Yes
Gareth Heywood BlackburnMaple Fleet Services LtdFIT2034Yes
Gareth ParkerSafe and Sound Essex LtdFIT2042Yes
Garfield SmithTerrafix LtdFIT2021Yes
Gary LongstaffTelent Technology Services LtdFIT1341Yes
Gary Patrick WatsonTerrafix LtdFIT1085Yes
George BadatuaFleet Comms LtdFIT1208Yes
George KeaneSafe and Sound Essex LtdFIT2040Yes
Glyn OckwellGCS UK LtdFIT1441Yes
Gordon BarrettTerrafix LtdFIT1087Yes
Graeme ThomsonAvian Mobile LtdFIT0051Yes
Graham EllisMaple Fleet Services LtdFIT1567Yes
Graham HoldingHandsfree GroupFIT1218Yes
Graham MarklandGVM Mobile Comms LtdFIT1354Yes
Greg KershawWest Yorkshire PoliceFIT1646Yes
Greig LongmuirTerrafix LtdFIT2031Yes
Haitham AlblooshiAtlas TelecomFIT1560Yes
Hudhaifa SirkhotTelent Technology Services LtdFIT1332Yes
Ian RootsI.R.I.S.FIT0043Yes
Ian StanleyGCS UK LtdFIT1433Yes
Ian WilkinsChiltern Transport ConsortiumFIT1054Yes
Imogen SculthorpAWE plcFIT1195Yes
Isaac Faith ToozeGCS UK LtdFIT1439Yes
Jade van DeventerDiareyes LtdFIT2018Yes
Jake HerbertsJake HerbertsFIT1656Yes
James HartleyEast Midlands Ambulance ServiceFIT1619Yes
James WoodMaple Fleet Services LtdFIT1519Yes
Jamie JohnstonJourneoFIT1530Yes
Jason EllicottHalls ElectricalFIT1067Yes
Jason OliverDC-Installations (North) LtdFIT1472Yes
Jason PriceTelent Technology Services LtdFIT1106Yes
Jason Reynolds RencomFIT1468Yes
Jason WatersPremier Communication Electronics LtdFIT1071Yes
Jerome LittleSure 24FIT1616Yes
Jesse FaceyVehicle Mobile SolutionsFIT1657Yes
Jimmy WicksHandsfree GroupFIT1186Yes
Joao CostaHandsfree GroupFIT1416Yes
Joe LanePremier Communication Electronics LtdFIT2030Yes
Joe NewmanVTS InstallationsFIT1234Yes
John DooneyJDI InstallsFIT1473Yes
John GoodsonMK TelematicsFIT1486Yes
John HarrisonPetards LtdFIT1538Yes
John Martinez-ThompsonAX Innovation LimitedFIT1658Yes
John William Beynon PBS TelecomFIT1403Yes
Jon BrotherhoodJourneoFIT1578Yes
Jonathan GroombridgeJourneoFIT1599Yes
Jonathan TrusloveJourneoFIT1585Yes
Jordan LuptonVision TechniquesFIT1650Yes
Justin CopelandAvian Mobile LtdFIT0049Yes
Karl JonesFCO ServicesFIT1327Yes
Karl MekssGCS UK LtdFIT1448Yes
Karl RawsonJourneoFIT1594Yes
Kayleigh Tranham Vehicle Mobile SolutionsFIT1376Yes
Keith HarryTerrafix LtdFIT2027Yes
Kenneth Campbell KRC SystemsFIT1467Yes
Kenneth RamsayNorth East Ambulance Service NHS TrustFIT1232Yes
Kevin CartwrightHalls ElectricalFIT1260Yes
Kevin LaughtonFit It For MeFIT1377Yes
Kevin LountMidland Auto Solutions LtdFIT1458Yes
Kevin PriceCellco (FRS) LimitedFIT1130Yes
Kevin WilcoxGCS UK LtdFIT1050Yes
Kwabena Asamoah-DansoTelent Technology Services LtdFIT1333Yes
Kyle ReesUK Telematics LimitedFIT1303Yes
Lance LovettDiareyes LtdFIT1370Yes
Lee GloverSafe and Sound Essex LtdFIT1476Yes
Lee ValeJourneoFIT1529Yes
Mahamed Bahurudeen Mohamed SukrySynetics plcFIT1597Yes
Marc HomerTerrafix LtdFIT1075Yes
Marcus JenkinsHalls ElectricalFIT1156Yes
Mark BlundenAvon & Somerset ConstabularyFIT1184Yes
Mark BradleySouth Coast Vehicle Security LtdFIT1588Yes
Mark BurchGCS UK LtdFIT1436Yes
Mark DobsonTelent Technology Services LtdFIT1334Yes
Mark ElleringtonHandsfree GroupFIT1122Yes
Mark ReevesGCS UK LtdFIT1426Yes
Mark ShepherdDiareyes LtdFIT1243Yes
Mark WinchAvian Mobile LtdFIT0048Yes
Mark WrightDiareyes LtdFIT1385Yes
Martin MurrellRadiocoms Systems LtdFIT1283Yes
Martin PolczynskiFit 2 DriveFIT1505Yes
Martin Wray MTEC SolutionsFIT1382Yes
Martyn HarryTerrafix LtdFIT1080Yes
Matt EdwardsHalls ElectricalFIT1154Yes
Matt WitherdenTerrafix LtdFIT1082Yes
Matthew JonesDiareyes LtdFIT1365Yes
Matthew PerryPremier Communication Electronics LtdFIT2037Yes
Matthew RowberryMatthew RoberryFIT1475Yes
Matthew WatsonHandsfree GroupFIT1118Yes
Matthew WheatleyMaple Fleet Services LtdFIT1525Yes
Mehrdad AgharezaieHandsfree GroupFIT1117Yes
Michael JonesTerrafix LtdFIT1090Yes
Michael PersuePremier Fleet Installations LimitedFIT1424Yes
Mihai CristescuMaple Fleet Services LtdFIT1522Yes
Mike McGuireMJM InstallationsFIT1487Yes
Mike PowderhamVehicle Mobile SolutionsFIT1512Yes
Mohamed BelmokhtarJourneoFIT1532Yes
Mohammed Faisal SyedTelent Technology Services LtdFIT1320Yes
Murray DellerJourneoFIT1527Yes
Neil AveryCTRACK LtdFIT1641Yes
Neil BlackshawTrak GlobalFIT1634Yes
NEIL BRIDGETerrafix LtdFIT2022Yes
Neil DoughtyAscot InstallsFIT1470Yes
Neill KilpatrickJourneoFIT1582Yes
Nicholad AndreoliFCO ServicesFIT1236Yes
Nicholas RuddHandsfree GroupFIT1114Yes
Nicholas TaylorUnique Installs LtdFIT1481Yes
Nigel SkingleyGCS UK LtdFIT1437Yes
Nigel VaughanNigel VaughanFIT1295Yes
Olusegun AdebajoSure 24FIT1617Yes
Omar AlmheiriAtlas TelecomFIT1561Yes
Patrick NolanHandsfree GroupFIT1638Yes
Paul ChildsDyfed Powys PoliceFIT1423Yes
Paul Coulsey Nemesis NetworksFIT1361Yes
Paul FisherPaul FisherFIT1287Yes
Paul HodgesTrackerTech LtdFIT1550Yes
Paul HopkinsonJourneoFIT1577Yes
Paul MurphyMinistry of Defence GarageFIT2045Yes
Paul PrenticeTelent Technology Services LtdFIT1108Yes
Paul TinkleyDiareyes LtdFIT1644Yes
Paul WestwoodRadio Systems LtdFIT1372Yes
Pete Williams Handsfree GroupFIT1415Yes
Peter BakerHandsfree GroupFIT1115Yes
Peter Charles TalbotAWE plcFIT1192Yes
Peter NichollPGN Auto Electrical Installations LtdFIT1600Yes
Philip BrogdenChiltern Transport ConsortiumFIT1066Yes
Philip HopkinsHalls ElectricalFIT1157Yes
Phill Emms EMMS Incar SolutionsFIT1464Yes
Ray VaseyDiareyes LtdFIT1405Yes
Rhys BartramVehicle Installation CentreFIT1647Yes
Rhys MorganUK Telematics LimitedFIT1310Yes
Rian BaxterVMSFIT1566Yes
Richard BarrettJourneoFIT1587Yes
Richard FarkasTerrafix LtdFIT2024Yes
Richard FordPremier Communication Electronics LtdFIT2036Yes
Richard GriffithsHandsfree GroupFIT1636Yes
Richard LynskyWest Yorkshire PoliceFIT1628Yes
Richard MagsinoAtlas TelecomFIT1564Yes
Richard MurphyGCS UK LtdFIT1434Yes
Richard PendragonDiareyes LtdFIT2019Yes
Richard TurnerAvoira LimitedFIT1621Yes
Rob ComptonRobert Compton t/as ComptonsFIT1138Yes
Rob WebberAvon & Somerset ConstabularyFIT1183Yes
Robert Brown Diareyes LtdFIT1461Yes
Robert HandsVision TechniquesFIT1666Yes
Robert HomerTerrafix LtdFIT1074Yes
Robert MelsomHandsfree GroupFIT1113Yes
Robert PurvisSouth Wales Fire and RescueFIT1627Yes
Robert TomczykFleet Comms LtdFIT1427Yes
Robert WinfieldCTRACK LtdFIT1640Yes
Robin BroomPremier Communication Electronics LtdFIT1093Yes
Ron LewisTSN Automotive Ltd.FIT1251Yes
Ross ParkerPCC for North WalesFIT1100Yes
Royston WilliamsDiareyes LtdFIT1387Yes
Russell MearsGCS UK LtdFIT1438Yes
Ryan CampbellDC AlarmsFIT1517Yes
Sam CampbellFleet Comms LtdFIT1608Yes
Sam TimneyARX Systems LtdFIT1545Yes
Scott BlairTelent Technology Services LtdFIT1017Yes
Scott WaddellUK Telematics LimitedFIT1305Yes
Sean BurgessUnknownFIT1548Yes
Simon CayzerGCS UK LtdFIT1428Yes
Simon TustianHandsfree GroupFIT1126Yes
Simon WilliamsHalls ElectricalFIT1159Yes
Stephen AuldTerrafix LtdFIT1086Yes
Stephen Danyl CarruthersTrak GlobalFIT1633Yes
Stephen GladmanJourneoFIT1595Yes
Stephen MadeleyHandsfree GroupFIT1645Yes
Stephen SmithPCC for North WalesFIT1099Yes
Steve GibsonSteve GibsonFIT1408Yes
Steve NewbleAuto ElectricsFIT1268Yes
Steven ConstableGCS UK LtdFIT1440Yes
Steven SimpsonEast Midlands Ambulance ServiceFIT1540Yes
Steven SkarrattsAvon & Somerset ConstabularyFIT1189Yes
Stewart GentSLICS TechnologiesFIT1241Yes
Stewart GrahamTrak GlobalFIT1632Yes
Stuart ClarkeTelent Technology Services LtdFIT1321Yes
Stuart PearsonWest Yorkshire PoliceFIT1629Yes
Terry Brodie Safe and Sound Essex LtdFIT1500Yes
Terry HampshireMaple Fleet Services LtdFIT1220Yes
Terry WoodallSLICS TechnologiesFIT1474Yes
Tom ClaytonClayton Auto Electrics LtdFIT1369Yes
Tony ElmerWest Yorkshire PoliceFIT1631Yes
Tony ShellTony W ShellFIT1488Yes
Vincent JonesJourneoFIT1576Yes
Wayne DyeSecure Fleet UK LtdFIT1613Yes
Wayne HarryTerrafix LtdFIT2026Yes
Wayne MarshallW A MarshallFIT1289Yes
William JacksonJackson Vehicle SolutionsFIT1515Yes
William Juggins Cornwall Vehicle SecurityFIT1360Yes
William TaylorTerrafix LtdFIT1084Yes
Winard AmoguezAtlas TelecomFIT1558Yes
Yousef AlhosaniAtlas TelecomFIT1562Yes

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