Fitas Patrons

FITAS scheme supporters

It's in everybody's interests to see the professionalism of vehicle installers is recognised and rewarded.  Companies who make their living supplying in-vehicle equipment want the confidence that their brands won't be damaged by poor performance caused by shoddy installation work.  And companies who make their living providing installation services to business and public sector customers want to demonstrate their quality credentials.

FITAS operates schemes for companies who wish to support the principles of FCS1362 and professional accreditation.FITAS Patrons are installer companies who have undertaken to place their staff on the FITAS training and accreditation programme.  Depending on the proportion of employees who have successfully completed the scheme, Patrons may be designated Bronze, Silver or Gold.FITAS Sponsors are suppliers of radio-frequency equipment and automotive accessories who wish to be associated with installation best practice.A FITAS Academy have offered their facilities to provide training for engineers in their area.  They additionally offer specialist courses for their area of expertise.

Company Company Website ID Number Sponsor Academy
Comm Spec P1 bronze
North Wales Police P10 gold
Telent P11 bronze
Handsfree P12 gold
West Mercia Police P13 bronze
Cellco (FRS) P14 gold
Trackaphone P15 gold
Affini Technology Ltd P16 bronze
AIRKOM P17 bronze
Comptons P18 gold
West Midlands Police P19 bronze
Capita P2 bronze
Juce Ltd P20 bronze
APB Mobile Installations P21 gold
Vehicle Fit Limited P22 gold
Executive Installations Ltd P23 bronze
Halls Electrical P24 bronze
Williams Lec Ltd P25 bronze
Co-Channel Electronics Ltd P26 gold
Leicester Police P27 gold
Avon & Somerset Constabulary P28 bronze
Hamilton & Palmer Installations Ltd P29 gold
AES P3 bronze
AWE P30 gold
Sheridan Installations P31 gold
SJ Dill-Russell T/A Cellserv P32 gold
Avian Mobile Ltd P33 bronze
Atlas Teleommunications P34 gold
Cygnal Limited P35 gold
I.R.I.S. P36 gold
Tony Baker Mobile Installs P37 gold
Adavnced Automotive Solutions P38 gold
Fixakit P39 gold
Chameleon P4 bronze
Fleetlynx Ltd P40 bronze
G6 Global P41 gold
Futuretrak Ltd P42 bronze
Leversedge P43 bronze
North East Ambulance P44 bronze
VIP Communications (Hull ) Ltd. P45 bronze
VTS Installations P46 bronze
Ashwoods Lightfoot P47
Tracker UK P48
Diareyes P49 bronze
Chiltern Transport Consortium P5 bronze
TSN Ltd P50 gold
Panorama Antennas Ltd P51
Foreign Office P52 bronze
Sm@rt Solutions P53 gold
Slicks Technologies P54 bronze
Tracking Doctor P55 gold
Covert Systems P55 gold
Auto Tuning UK Ltd P56 gold
Merseyside Police P6 bronze
Premier Communication Electronics P7 gold
Radiocoms P8 bronze
Terrafix P9 gold