Reliable comms make transport possible

Championing the Industry

Britain's ports, trains, buses and emergency services can't get to work without a working radio in the driver's cab

Business-grade comms make governance possible

Representing the Industry

The policy makers can't achieve economies of scale or a 'connected continent' without a high quality communications infrastructure

Radio frequency comms make modern life possible

Informing the Industry

Householders can't enjoy streamed movies or smart metering without reliable radio and fixed-line comms.

FCS is the not-for-profit industry association for companies which deliver professional communications solutions to business and public sector customers in the UK. Be it voice or data; via radio, mobile, copper or fibre; the FCS Mission is to champion and defend the role of the professional communications provider in the converging market place.

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December 2014

FCS Launches Telephone Security Checklist to help prevent Dial Through Fraud

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14th Nov 2014

Innovation in Business Radio – Panorama Antennas win 2014 Gerald David Award

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