FCS and Openreach Board to Board

This month FCS had our board to board with Openreach. In a very interactive and constructive session we discussed the following topics on behalf of our members:

  • Re-imagining the FCS members’ relationship with Openreach in the IP world, and the contact strategy with Openreach going forward for re-sellers and members who are not direct Openreach customers.
  • In the new world, the majority of FCS members will not be direct customers of Openreach and we need to ensure that our members are not disadvantaged, have access to Openreach commercial offers and can still view their orders and faults progression in the same/similar way to direct Openreach customers. 
  • We also thanked Openreach for their continued strong engagement and discussed service improvements on Ethernet and in particular ‘Civils’ progress updates performance and the ongoing service improvement plan on SOGEA provision. We also discussed future business wraps on SOGEA and FTTP, and FCS will be holding a focused workshop on these to develop future requirements (use cases) that can then be used by Openreach. 

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