FCS attendance at the NPP & CG Meeting

FCS recently attended the NPP and CG meeting and the below topics were discussed:

  • EECC Switching and Porting -we are awaiting a final statement from Ofcom on this matter, due at the end of summer.
  • All IP migrations, WLR withdrawal Porting issues – PXC post port prefix issues, SOGEA? FTTP orders – number port alignment, WLR/MPF  migrations to SPGEA/FTTP.
  • Right to port – CP roll out – latest update
  • POV – large project scale
  • DDI block splitting
  • Number port emergency restoration
  • Openreach CSP

If you are an FCS member and would like to raise anything with regards to the above, please email [email protected]

FCS CSP members please join the next CSP meeting which is taking place on Wednesday 28th July at 2pm, following the meeting the slides will be available in the CSP member’s area.

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