Ofcom Open Consultations

Ofcom is currently seeking views on the following topics:

Consultation: Mobile phone repeaters – closing date 28 July 2021

Consultation: Proposals for the regulation of advertising on video-sharing platforms – closing date 28 July 2021

Consultation: Request for change of licence conditions relating to the provision of news output on Channel 5 – closing date 30 July 2021

Consultation: The Future of Media Plurality in the UK – closing date 10 August 2021

Consultation: Notice of Ofcom’s changes to licence exemption legislation for Wireless Telegraphy Devices – closing date 12 August 2021

Consultation: Proposal to apply Code powers to Zoom Internet Limited – closing date 14 August 2021

Consultation: Recovering consumer advocacy costs – closing date 18 August 2021

Consultation: Ofcom’s proposals to update the technical conditions of mobile licences in the 800 MHz band – closing date 7 September 2021

Consultation: Proposed annual licence fees for 2100 MHz spectrum – closing date 8 September 2021

Consultation: Approach to high excess costs under the broadband universal service – closing date 10 September 2021

Consultation: guidance for ODPS providers on measures to protect users from harmful material – closing date 14 September 2021

Consultation: How Ofcom regulates the BBC – closing date 15 September 2021

Call for inputs: Review of measures to protect people in debt or at risk of disconnection – closing date 30 September 2021

Full details of how to respond are available on the main page for each consultation.

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