MP briefings on “BT and Openreach” and “Full Fibre Networks”

Posted on 14/01/2019

You may find these briefing papers, written for MPs, helpful. The first is an overview of the events leading to the BT/Openreach legal separation along with the timelines involved. The second sets out Government’s plans for promoting full-fibre investment along with financials and targets and how Ofcom’s programme fits into this. It includes information about the Electronic Communications Code and Wayleaves, as well as plans for Duct and Pole Access (DPA).

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There are many hyperlinks within each document and you could spend several days in the virtual House of Commons library, but as they stand you may find them useful for existing staff or new joiners as easily digestible documents. Look for the “jump to full report” link in each of the below or the pdf link at the bottom of the page.

BT and Openreach:

Full Fibre Networks:

Happy reading!

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