Ofcom have published a document from industry that proposes modification to the Code to Switch process.

Posted on 31/03/2021

Ofcom have recently published a new document from industry that proposes a modification to the Code to Switch process.  This has been published on their website here.  In order to give all stakeholders a chance to consider this new document as part of their response to the consultation, they have extended the deadline. They will now accept responses to the consultation up to 14 April 2021, including any new information which organisations that have already responded wish to provide.

Ofcom have not amended the consultation document, and have not yet taken a view on the revised proposal. Ofcom will consider this as part of the review of responses to the consultation.

You will notice that the revised Code to Switch process proposes the inclusion of an IVR system.  As part of consultation responses, and to help Ofcom understand stakeholder views on this proposal, they would welcome any evidence you may have on the use of IVR systems at present, what they are used for, any evidence on performance and authentication measures you may have, as well as how such a system could work in the context of the Code to Switch proposal.  Ofcom would also welcome views on the impact, if any, on the timescales and costs involved in implementation of this revised proposal compared to the original proposals considered in the consultation document.

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