Ofcom have asked OTA to start a work group to establish appropriate governance arrangements

Posted on 08/04/2021

As Ofcom signalled in the February 2021 Consultation document, they consider it would be helpful for industry to begin preparatory work for switching process implementation prior to the publication of our policy statement. In particular, Ofcom noted that industry should start work to establish appropriate governance arrangements through which decisions about implementation can be made once Ofcom has made a final decision on the appropriate switching process.

Recent discussions with industry representatives indicate that there is general agreement that initial discussions can usefully start now.

Ofcom have written to the OTA and requested they convene and manage an industry working group to start these initial discussions. The OTA are uniquely placed to support industry in making as much progress as possible towards determining the arrangements that are needed before it can implement a new switching process. In particular, Ofcom have asked the OTA to work with providers to:

1. Consider appropriate structures for taking timely and effective decisions (e.g. steering group structures, clear roles and responsibilities, effective voting arrangements etc);

2. Consider funding models and arrangements for agreeing contributions between providers;

3. Consider how you would like to engage with Ofcom throughout implementation;

4. Document appropriate governance options and any agreements that have been reached;

5. Start work on draft Terms of Reference to formalise the governance arrangements;

6. Identify any need for third-party support that could assist providers during the implementation process, and where possible, facilitate agreement on who will provide that support. 

If you would like any further information regarding this please contact FCS at [email protected] 

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