Has the business radio sector permanently changed?

There is no denying that the last four years have been tumultuous for the Business Radio sector.  There have been huge changes in customer demand, both in terms of volume and the nature of the solutions they sought over the period.

This has left businesses with many questions that are now becoming business-critical, not least, “Will the business ever return to what it was before COVID or is it permanently changed?”  Many believe it has permanently changed in at least some ways.  But that then provokes the question, “Do we really know what it has changed to?”  It isn’t enough to shrug your shoulders and just answer, “Who knows!”  Your company needs to know, and it needs to get it right.

It isn’t just the business environment that has changed.  There are many things that weren’t even on the ‘Agenda’, pre-COVID.  These range from the All-IP Transformation that affects, at the very least, all site linking to the future of UHF2; from the possible impacts of the Carbon Agenda to the Skills Shortage, and that’s even without mentioning the importance of 10-digit grid-references for faster licensing cycle times.  There are a host of such important topics, with more arriving all the time.

How can you find out about all this?  Where can you talk with people who understand the real nature of what you need to know for your business?  The FCS Comex 2023 conference in October at the Telford International Centre will be the only major chance in 2023 for Business Radio professionals to discuss all this with colleagues.  The event runs from Monday 16th midday to Tuesday 17th mid-afternoon, to make travel convenient.

FCS Comex 2023 has speakers knowledgeable in a wide range of relevant topics who will be able to answer questions with the latest facts.  There will be panel sessions where experts are available to address your key questions and concerns.

In the evening there will be the industry Gala Dinner with the unparalleled opportunity to talk informally with colleagues who might be able to provide the “inside track” on key matters of interest.

Don’t miss the excellent exhibition where you can see all the latest developments and discuss them with the experts there.  There are many advances to look at.  With the appearance of the site linking transformation to the All-IP world, the event brings Business Radio professionals and Telecom professionals ever closer.

Register for your FREE place at FCS Comex 2023 HERE.

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