Welcoming Stefanie Norman, Head of Regulation and Public Affairs

FCS is delighted to welcome Stefanie Norman to the team. Stefanie has spent over 30 years within the Telecommunications market, working at BT and Openreach. In her last role at Openreach she was the Director of Business Integrity responsible for risk, compliance and network regulation.  Her compliance role included regulatory compliance, data compliance, ethics and environmental compliance – in fact the whole kit and caboodle!

We found out a little more about Stefanie and what she would like to achieve at the Federation of Communication Services.

How did the opportunity at FCS come about?
The FCS was looking to expand its regulatory compliance experience as it is such a key area for its members.  I started in August 2023 and am looking forward to working with members over the coming months.

What made you want to get involved with FCS?
My role at Openreach was to ensure that Openreach met its commitments to industry and Ofcom. I saw at first hand the positive impact that this could have on the marketplace and how effective competition can contribute to a thriving economy.  It is so important that FCS member’s interests are taken into account, and I can see real opportunity in developing relationships with Government to help with this.

Which group of FCS members will you mostly be involved with?
I will mainly be dealing with Communication Provider members, though our marketplace is converging, so there will be overlaps with the Business Radio members.

How are the skills and experience you gained from your career relevant to the FCS role?
I have many years of experience trying to persuade people to “do the right thing”, working across organisations and externally to gain consensus and get things moving.  Hopefully, this pragmatic, consensual approach will be useful when trying to further the interests of our members.

What are the day-to-day tasks that you will get involved with at FCS?
I will be involved in consultations, dealing with member queries and also developing our relationships with Government.

What do you think is the best benefit of FCS membership and why?
There are so many!  We work in a fast-moving, vibrant marketplace, and FCS members need to focus on their business and not be worried about all the regulatory changes.  Having the FCS looking at all the different things CPs need to comply with is so valuable.  Knowing that the FCS is there scanning the horizon, putting forward the voice of CPs and highlighting the really important things, is so, so valuable.  Oh, and always having somewhere to answer member queries when not sure about what regulation means.

What is your key personal aim for FCS?
I would love to develop deeper relationships with Government, the FCS has excellent relationships with Ofcom and Openreach and it would be good to expand this to DCMS and DTIS and other Government departments.

What is the most unexpected task you have had to complete in your career so far?
Once I had to sort out a tricky Industrial Relations issue over tomato ketchup in the canteen!

What do not a lot of people know about you?
In my spare time, I am an avid birdwatcher.  Last year I saw my first ever bee-eater in the UK, which was fabulous.  I have however never seen a waxwing, so that is a quest for this year.

Why do you think members of the comms community should attend FCS Comex 2023?
FCS Comex is a brilliant way of keeping up to date with what is going on in the industry.  I am particularly looking forward to the switching session as that is so important for our members.  I am also looking forward to the informal elements, those chats over tea and coffee where you can pick up so much.

I am really excited about joining the FCS, I can’t wait to meet members and start to build relationships that will help members to be successful.

We are so pleased to welcome Stefanie to the team. Her knowledge and experience will be crucial to the FCS as we assist the industry in navigating through the challenges ahead.”
Itret Latif, FCS CEO

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