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Significant changes to the Ofcom General Conditions (GCs) come into effect on the 17th June 2022. New European Electronic Communications Code (EECC) requirements come into force and members who sell communications services in the UK will need to be aware. FCS has put together a detailed guidance document that we would ask members to review. It’s on our website here: https://www.fcs.org.uk/?s=EECC

FCS Industry Engagement

‘FCS is fully engaged with Ofcom, OTA2, NICC & wider industry to ensure members are represented on ‘One Touch Switching (OTS), the move to All-IP and the Telecom Security Bill’, see the following website area for more info’.

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FCS is an all-industry association: Membership is open to any organisation which supplies or supports business-grade communications solutions to commercial, public sector or private customers.

Preparing For The PSTN Switch Off

Catch up with the 2022 CHANNEL LIVE conference on-demand, with no need to register and absolutely free.

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“Preparing for the All IP Future”

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Welcome to FCS

FCS is the not-for-profit industry association for companies which deliver professional voice and data communications solutions to business and public sector customers in the UK. 

Whatever the delivery platform — radio, mobile, copper or fibre — the FCS Mission is to champion and defend the role of the professional communications provider in the converging market place.

Connected Britain

FCS are proud to support the Connected Britain event and our CEO Itret Latif, is one of the judging panel. For more information see below. Connected Britain is the UK’s most important connectivity event, bringing...

Publication of the OBARCCs Annual Commitments Compliance report 2022

The Openreach Board Audit, Risk and Compliance Committee (OBARCC) has published its 2022 report on Openreach's compliance with the Commitments. The report can be viewed here

Save the Date!

This year's FCS Comms Provider event theme will be 'Competition and Trading in 2023’. It will be held online on November 23rd 2022 and will focus on how our members will trade in the coming year(s), and the impacts of...

Accreditation Schemes

FITAS Accreditation Scheme

FCS operates the Police fleet and GPS-approved code of practice for installing radio frequency equipment in motor vehicles.


OFCOM-endorsed code of best practice for radio mast site engineering and antenna commissioning.

Mark of Excellence

The Mark of Excellence program is created and championed by  our desire to lead the way in independently setting UK Quality Standards in Telecommunications.